After All

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A project By Murielle Elizéon

After/All was a project developed in 2010 by Murielle Elizéon, and realized by Murielle Elizéon, Angelika Thiele and Tommy Noonan in cooperation with Theater Freiburg and the Evangelisches Stift  (Home for the elderly) in Freiburg, Germany.

It was both an exchange and the creation of an original performance, culminating in a multi-layered event, which can be considered a study in preparation for the larger 2013 project: "Waiting for Pablo". In “After/All”, Murielle Elizeon and Angelika Thiele offered tango instruction to the residents of the Evangelishes Stift home for the elderly in Freiburg while also conducting interviews and gathering biographical information on life experiences, memory and perspectives on life and age. Simultaneously, an original one-to-one performance was created, and various musicians and performers were invited to take part in the 12-hour final event: a Tango Marathon, in which the public was invited to dance tango and inhabit a theater space while multiple interventions (music concerts, audio and video documents, Tango performances, speeches and private one-to-one performances) took place.

The project was realized between March and June, 2010. ------- Concept & Direction: Murielle Elizéon Creation: Angelika Thiele, Murielle Elizéon, Tommy Noonan Performers: Angelika Thiele, Murielle Elizéon, Ozgur Arin, Residents of the Elderly home, Evangelischses Stift, (Waltraut, Brigitte, Ursula,Erika, Hedwig, Renate) Live-Music: Raphael Reber Sound/recording: Tom Schneider Film: Tommy Noonan Production: pvc-Tanz Freiburg- Heidelberg, Theater Freiburg with support from Evangelishestift Freiburg

A short documentary on "After-All"