Culture Mill

Murielle Elizéon is a co-founder and co-director of Culture Mill.

Culture Mill's mission is to foster a creative ecosystem based in Saxapahaw, North Carolina, through the cross-pollination of artist residencies, educational outreach and groundbreaking immersive artworks from local, national and international artists.

Our approach to programming is driven by original artistic projects, which often contain artist residencies as well as local outreach. The interwoven nature of these three components feeds our artistic ecosystem and strengthens our community in a creative way. In a symbolic way, Culture Mill is a performing arts laboratory - not
unlike our peers in performing arts organizations, but deeply immersed in the creative process and its impact on the people around us.
Our home is the Culture Mill Lab: a studio, office and gathering space in Saxapahaw - a functional expression of our approach. And our programs are
also mobile, often taking place in both traditional and alternative spaces within the frame of our collaborative relationship with other artists and
Our vision values a circular exchange of resources, ideas, energy, social and creative capital with a community, rather than linear transactions. We believe that culture is an investment in civil society, and such an investment benefits from the existence of open, dynamic and fluid enclaves fostered by artists and other creative people. We believe in the comingling of different ideas, energies and initiatives as a means of sparking innovation in society. We believe in culture as an ongoing creative process.