The audience is given earphones and an mp3 player, in which a voice guides them to a public space, such as a meadow, a street-corner or a city square. There the voice guides their attention to elements of the world around them, some natural elements of the landscape and social environment, and others enacted by performers. It becomes unclear which is which. In this mix of "found" and "performed" actions, the audience begins to look at their familiar world as an unreliable blend of truth and fiction.

Concept: Tommy Noonan

Creation: Tommy Noonan, Georg Hobmeier, Murielle Elizeon

With: Various amateur groups from the city of Freiburg, Germany; the city of St. Pölten, Austria; the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Produktion: Festspeilhaus St. Pölten (A), Landesverband Baden-Württemberg, Stadt Freiburg, pvc-Tanz Freiburg Heidelberg


Mai, 2011: St. Pölten, Austria

April, 2011: Freiburg, Germany

September, 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina