Sketchets for Auguste

Photo: Emily Miller

Photo: Emily Miller


An initiative of Jennifer curtis in collaboration with Murielle Elizéon, pauchi sasaki, Tommy Noonan and Dohee Lee

Sketches for Auguste is a formal showing of a new work-in-progress by a group of world-class performing artists. The work grew from a original idea by acclaimed violinist Jennifer Curtis and realized through a collaboration with musician Pauchi Sasaki, choreographer/performers Murielle Elizéon and Tommy Noonan, and performer Dohee Lee to create a multi-disciplinary chamber opera of sound and movement based on Henry Miller’s “The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder.”

This novella--which Miller believed to be his “most singular story”--depicts a clown’s near religious devotion to an audience through a trance-induced artistic offering that features an angel. Miller considered the process by which he paired a clown with an angel even more “surrealistic” than the final document itself. The notion of this work as autobiographical is as potent for Miller as it is to the performing artists, who will recreate the feverish state by melding music, movement, design, and text on the stage.

Future residences and production time will reassemble the 5 artists for formalizing a more final performance.

This 5-minute excerpt shows Tommy Noonan and Murielle Elizéon performing as a part of "Sketches for Auguste" on February 4th, 2017

From Lindy Fry BurNham

(Founding Editor of High Performance Magazine and former staff writer at Artforum)

"A gorgeous blend of music, dance and performance art, it definitely accomplished what the artists set out to do: "uncover that singular moment of bliss that transpires between the artist and the audience, when the two unite as one. The performance flowed through the space and the audience, with the artists taking turns grasping for and holding our attention on a bittersweet, passionate note. Inventive and ecstatic, the work had a strong core and soaring grace notes. As I witnessed it I felt the political tension of the last few months dropping away from my body. It's been a long time since I saw live art that brought me such peace and beauty, and I realized how much we need it now."