Artistic Statement

My work is an investigation of questions around the ever-evolving condition of the body and its ever-changing form -- a form shaped and re-shaped by its own unique history and its time-bound nature. The art of dance, movement and performance helps me touch deeply this dramatic, ultimately tragic condition in my own body and in other’s people bodies (both performers and audiences). It allows me to create, through the transformational experience of the creative process, a relationship to the potential of what could be called a “poetic body”, transcending its limitations and practical, functional use. It allows me to seek to create spaces where people (performers and audiences) can experience their shared humanity beyond cultural, social and racial differences. My work may address this complex task from many angles, and may utilize various platforms: on a stage, in site-specific performances, through collaborations with other mediums, other artistic or non-artistic fields, and/or with all kinds of people: professional dancers and non-professional people of all ages, backgrounds and physical and cognitive abilities. Above all, I am interested in the artistic process itself, with the final performance being understood as a moment of this process. Finally, my work often holds a component of education or community outreach: I find important to continue to connect my work to the various communities that might have inspired it, and who might also be touched by it in return. I advocate for the relevance of the creative body and its possibilities at all levels of our social tissue.